LifeGroups are a place to set down deeper roots in Christ!   Meeting in homes, small groups are an on-ramp for life-changing relationships across generations, interests, & spiritual starting points.  Share life, laughs, & prayer in community as you gain insights from God and plant his word deep.   

Ladies' Study          Tuesdays, 7pm  @ Church          

Extreme makeovers aren't just the topic of popular reality TV shows. A radical renovation is also the Lord's divine design!   In this 10-week study crafted by Nancy Leigh Demoss, you'll examine Titus 2 and the 10 essentials of a beautiful heart and a beautiful life - including discernment, affection, disposition, legacy, and more. Features daily lessons per week; plus group study.  Led by Lori Kroll

Men's 4x4 Group         Mondays, 6:30pm  @ Rotating  

This growth & accountability group will pool 4 men to bless one another in 4 ways.  James MacDonald’s workbook is a sharp tool in God’s hand!  Men are so busy doing so many different things.  Be one who follows God without limits and meets the needs around you.  “Be watchful, firm in faith, strong, and loving.”  (1 Cor 16:13)  Not a call for bravado and bluster, but for men to be tough yet tender.   


Teen Study          Sundays, 4pm  @ Krolls        

Teens & College students struggle to know the credibility of what they believe – and express it clearly.  God does not leave us to “blind leaps” of faith, but gives us Truth that defends itself.  In a unique approach, Dr. Meyers plays a sort of philosophical survival game, pitting four worldviews against one another in a quest to see which gives the best answers.