PIT Prayer is a group of 3 on Sunday mornings during the Worship Service.  In the book of Acts prayer was the normal depth & direction of the first believers.  Our experience has proven Jesus' pattern in John 15 - "If you remain in me and my words remain in you, you will bear much fruit."  A distinctive and one of the 'six cylinders' that drive Northridge is that we believe Prayer is foundational, critical, and a missing ingredient in media-driven lives & modern churches.  We coach believers in personal Prayer patterns, but also structure in corporate Prayer because we love God and cannot do His will in our own strength.  
Submitting your prayer needs below or in the Church App will activate 50+ people through our Prayer Chain.  
Prayer Requests
Northridge PIT Crew
2-3 people praying during every Sunday Service
What Is a PIT Crew?

Northridge PIT Crew = Personal Intercession Teams praying for 75 minutes during Sunday Worship.  Prayer is playing offense, not defense!  Christ declared that even the very gates of hell cannot stop the advance of those who call on His name (Mt 16).  No one is too big or too little to participate in prayer.  Pit Crew prayer is lightly guided with varied ideas/resources and a Crew Chief who helps lead prayer. Contact Dom Sumner to be part of the PIT Crew prayer rotation.