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"My family and I came to Northridge Community Church after living overseas and having faced some really challenging circumstances there. I was saved as a child, but drifted far away from God after a huge trauma in pre-adolecence. I didn't walk with the Lord for most of my life. After re-committing my life and heart to Him, (while being abroad) I actually got to KNOW God. I learned that the only way to THRIVE in this life, was to put Him first. I am, essentially, a beginner ... more

"Small group is an experience to keep on learning even after youth group is over. It’s also a better opportunity to get your questions answered. Since the group of people is usually a good size, you can get into the conversations more and hear what everyone else has to say. For me, I’ve noticed I learn more and I really take time to think about the topic. With the group being smaller, I’ve found I'm able to trust more. I can speak my mind and ... more

"I went to Dare2Share in Chicago and saw the impact of the Gospel. I heard that God doesn't give up on me. I never realized how much the Gospel meant until Dare2Share. Dare2Share touched all of our hearts. At Dare2Share, I learned that I can't take back my sins, but I can be forgiven for them." -Robbie, Ignite Teen

"I was saved by Jesus Christ. I knew that He didn't want anything for me but happiness. I knew that He loved me, and wouldn't let me go through anything alone. I knew that I was saved, and that I was safe in His presence. I could get through anything with Him on my side." -Ignite Teen

"To anybody, a youth band might seem like a casual thing to do with friends or to try to get famous and popular. Our youth band is much more than that. We play music in the name of God, and that in itself makes it a whole lot more. The songs being played along with the people in the band make it an experience not to be missed. While playing the songs or listening to the band play, you can feel God's energy flowing through your body. This worship band is a great way to ... more