Message Series


Forgiveness.  We receive it so quickly but give it so slowly we can get stuck.  If others knew the stories behind our injuries, they would know why it is so hard to let go.  Words that stabbed us.  Neglect from up close.  Promises broken.  Used or Abused.  Family gossip.  Betrayal.  Abandonment.  Ugly church fights.  Married but terribly alone.  Kids who walked after all we did for them.  Bringing closure to these specific injustices and injuries requires focus and disinfection.  With an actual wake & burial, we will draw near and see the power of the Cross to bring supernatural forgiveness.  I've been praying for months that you find new perspective and power to. . . 
* Drag into the light specific offenses that drain you as you avoid or relive them
* Get hard conversations out of your head and into productive venues
* Soften defenses so that you are aware of sin patterns when you are "sinned against"
* Believe and feel that your sin against God is more serious than another's sin against you
* Leave room for God to be the better Judge

Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.”  Eph 4:32
5/27    Unstuck from Unforgiveness          The Possibility of Forgiving                                   Matt 6:12-15  /  18:23-34     
6/3      The Last One I Forgive            The Problems of a Condemned Conscience           Rom 8:1-3  / 1 Cor 4:4  / Heb 9:9-14   
6/10    Forgiving Your Family               Taking pains to forbear & forgive                                 Gen 29-32  /  Col 3:13           
6/24    When Sinned Against             How I SIN when SINNED AGAINST                     Romans 12:17-20  / 1 Sam 23-24
7/1      Nailing Forgiveness           The Power of the Cross to Melt Bitterness                     Heb 12:14-15 / 1 Peter 2:23
7/8      Time of Death                      God’s Process to Bring Closure, pt. 1                              Eph 4:29-32 / 2 Sam 9
7/15    The Wake                            God’s Process to Bring Closure, pt. 2                           Luke 6:27-31, 7:36-50, 23:34   
7/22    The Burial                     Releasing Rights, Results, & Retrials to God                       Romans 12:17-21; 14:9-12