We are excited to give you FREE access to a huge library of Biblical content that will uplift your faith & your family.  Over 15,000 Bible studies from 250 publishers & ministries are ready to stream, but with videos for group study, parenting helps, kids sessions, & leadership training.  A sort of "Netflix of Bible Studies" which delivers the "best-of" teaching like Francis Chan, Matt Chandler, Dave Ramsey, Chip Ingram, Ravi Zacharias, Phil Vischer, etc -  you'll be wow-ed by RightNow's powerful content!   We save hundreds of dollars each year by streaming sessions for Marriage Conferences, Youth Studies, LifeGroups, Kids Lessons, Personal & Family Counseling, etc that would otherwise require DVD purchases or be out of reach.    

RightNow is not a replacement for Sundays or community or digging into God's Word. It is top shelf teaching in targeted areas that can become a powerful starting point or turning point with Christ.  Check out the content for marriage, men, women, small groups, workplace, biblical finance, world mission, theology, recovery, outreach & testimonies, college & singles, students and kids.  This is one disciple-making catalyst that has had a major impact on redeeming media for our family. 
Because you are connected with Northridge, RightNow is our gift to you.  Please sample this cutting edge tool to overcome hurry & noise and go deeper in your walk with Jesus Christ.  Click below to create a log-in, and if you have any difficulties contact the church office: